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[TinyBuddha guest post] How to Stop Taking Things for Granted and Feel Blessed.

We forget.

As we get busy with life, we forget.

Forget about the gifts we’ve received.

Forget the people who truly matter.

Forget how lucky we are.

In this post I share a personal story that taught me about the common human mistakeĀ  of “taking things for granted.” I share my experience from the incident and explain how it led me to realize that no matter what your life situation is right now, there is always something to be grateful about.

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Pause Now. Refill Yourself with Life.

Take a break from your routine. Come back to this moment. This “one” moment. This is all there ever is and will be.

Take a deep breath. Inhale the life affirming air. Feel its presence in your expanding chest. Be grateful to your lungs. They keep you alive.

Connect with the thinkers, philosophers and geniuses of all times. Step into their shoes. Look through new eyes. Understand something better.

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